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Skill Set

Programming languages

C 15 years C++ 12 years Python 7 years GO 1 year C# 1 year Rust Learning


Configuration management 05 years Cloud computing 5 years


Relational data bases: Oracle, Sybase, MySQL 10 years NoSQL Databases: Cassandra, Mongo, Graph databases 04 years

Operating Systems

Linux 14 years Unix 11 years MVS 04 years Windows 7 years


Middleware: Tuxedo, MQSeries, Azure Event hub 04 years Project lead and management 07 years
PHP learning Internet security 2 years


Splunk Splunk June 2022 to Present

Splunk Cloud

Starbucks Starbucks April 2022 to June 2022

Digital Platform Customer Engangement : Updated code used in Starbuck’s cloud services for mobile applications.

c# and .NET

Microsoft Microsoft February 2018 to April 2022

Office of the CTO : This team designs, promotes, implements common solutions accross the Azure organization by collaborating with varios teams with in the organization.

Process and Data analytics I analized the code base, the call stack and the data produced by various services to obtain information needed to create reports, alerting and monitoring tools. System design and proof of concept implementation In varions projects our team’s role was to implememt common solutions accross the Azure organization . As part of that effort, I participated in the design and develop a minimal viable productof the solutions that we proposed and co-developed with and for various teams with in Azure. In some cases we implemented the complete solution and handed ownership to on of the partner teams.

FleetProcess engineering: This team was created to find solve gaps in: Our processes and tools used to manage/track Azure’s hardware assets around the world.

Computing System Simulation And Testing Environment Ideated, designed and implemented the minimal viable product for a tool used to model computationally processes, data flows, services and their complex relationships. Asset traceability I participated in the development of tools and services which improved the traceability of assets across Azure.

c#, Gremlin, GraphDB, AKWS, Go, Python, Kusto

Apple April 2016 to December 2017

Software engineer - AML Infrastructure Engineering : As part of the team I helped managed and maintain a large infrastructure to serve field diagnostic applications for Apple world wide. Highly available, multi-site. My responsabilites included:

Release Management Deployed code to production and non-production environments. Help coordinate the use of the non-production environments with multiple development teams. Triage Managed ticket queue. Assigned tickets to developers and other team members. Help Development team in debugging and root cause analysis. Crisis Management Participated in the on-call rotation for High priority tickets tickets.

saltstack - python - bash scripting - Ansible - Cassandra - Hadoop

FireEye October 2015 to April 2016

FELabs Infrastructure DevOps Team: Responsible for: Development of automated tools for monitoring, management and deployment of horizontally-scaled, highly-available cloud systems. Architected multi-datacenter monitoring facilities. Building performance and reliability metrics in a dynamic application environment. Integrate with engineering teams to provide expertise and requirements.

Ansible Tower, Prometheus, ELK Stack, Docker, Python.

Ooyala March 2015 to August 2015

Site Reliability Engineering (and Infrastructure) Team: Research and selecting or extending the right frameworks, tools and technologies for Ooyala’s core platform. Continuously improving and re-engineering the platform architecture to handle our rapidly growing traffic. Designing and implementing clean APIs and protocols for other teams to build features on top of. Troubleshooting and resolving critical issues with the platform. Guide and support product engineering teams in making full use of the platforms and tools the team provides

Chef, Ruby, AWS, MetaCloud, Consul, Data Dog, Haproxy, Squid, Jira

Symantec May 2014 to March 2015

Mobile Security Customer Response Team: Investigate and resolve customer issues with Symantec’s Mobility Manager server (Mobile security). Held online meetings with customers to help them resolve difficult issues. Designed and implemented a “HotFix” process for quick delivery of code fixes or patches to customers. Developed “Analog”, an application log analysis tool. Created a SymExchange space for CRT support

Python, Django, PyCharm, SVN, Vagrant, AWS, Monit, celery, Rabbit MQ, messaging.

PayPal October 2006 to May 2014

Infrastructure Team: Developed infrastructure for and drove pilot program for the Internet Security team, based on IBM’s AppScan.

Developed infrastructure for testing messaging infrastructure, called AMQ.

Stage Reliability Tiger Team: Hand picked for Stage Reliability tiger team, to tackle: “the most critical issue affecting productivity at PayPal. Designed and developed a monitoring tool called “Argus”. Which monitors PayPal Services, restarts them and sends metrics data to a backend DB for reporting and analysis.

Deployment Infrastructure: Design and developed command line interface client/driver for PayPal’s Dispatcher. A Deployment System, built on top of Puppet.

` FinProd:` Developed for the high visibility integration of Bill me latter to the PayPal website.

` FinSys: ` Project managed and developer code for several large scale, credit card payment processing projects: FDMS integration, AMEX, and Airlines.

C++, Java, Perl, Python, Ruby, Bash, AppScan (IBM), Jenkins, Jaws, Maven, github, RH Linux, REST API, Oracle DB, Django, Puppet,SOAP, clear case, RH Linux. Project Management.


U.A.C.J. 1984 - 1990 B.S. degree in computer engineering, fully accredited in the United States. U.A.C.J